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Re: Fusion/Fiesta/Taurus Officially Cancelled

It looks like Ford is having serious problems they are not talking about. How are they not able to make a profit on a full line of automobiles and the rest of the industry is? This looks like a bad fix for previous bad management decisions.

But I wonder if this has much to do with how Ford has had no word on an EV platform, while killing off the sedans that would use that powertrain. Eliminating the dramatic EV comparison in at the dealership, while they focus on pushing big ICE and hybrid crossovers, SUVs and trucks. Unfortunately for Ford, consumers will just go to another manufacturer who makes the vehicles they want, not just what the manufacturer sees as 'most' profitable for the company.

Ford just seems to be de-evolving as a auto manufacturer, while their competition is clearly focused on the customer and the future.
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