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Re: traded my 2016 for a 2018

Originally Posted by brucelinc View Post
I have discovered that if I set my steering to "comfort," it will always default back to "normal" when I start the car. My 2016 stayed where I set it upon start-up. My dealer is clueless about that but they agree that resetting it every time I start the car would be a bit of a nuisance.

RMC, does yours work that way?
Yeah, I noticed it doesn't retain the steering setting too - actually by accident. My dad's Raptor retains the steering setting, so I had assumed it kept it on the Mustang too, until I was playing with the controls and found it hadn't kept that setting. The drive mode reverting to normal mode I don't mind as much (don't always want it in Sport+ mode), but I'd like to keep the steering on sport mode.

Ironically, it WILL remember/retain your heated/cooled seat setting - if you had the cooled seats on full when you turn it off, it'll be on when you turn it back on, same with heat.

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