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Re: Ford Set Up JLR for Success Before 2008 Sale

Originally Posted by glyphics View Post
Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I thought that the DEW98 was a Jaguar initiative that was funded by Ford. Why else would Ford reject it as too expensive and dumb it down by replacing the 4-link front suspension with cheaper struts and the 5-link rear with a solid Hotchkiss? The DEW98 wasn't a bad platform since Jag used it to good effect for the XF but Ford never warmed up to the Lincoln LS and didn't fund further development. When LS sales tanked, they blamed the car. Sound familiar?

I have no beef with Ford engineering but management keeps giving them red lights. Let's be clear, the car guys at Ford did a lot for Jaguar and Land Rover but Ford management would never have allowed the kind of investment and management freedom that brought JLR to its current status. Same can be said for Volvo. Ford has been too busy for decades trying to send the right signals to their Wall Street overseers (see, the painfully late implementation of the aluminum production system) to keep their eyes on the prize; product. Their reward? Wall Street treats Ford like dirt.

Without the Mustang and the F-150 - great products - where would Ford be?
So you blame LS sales on Ford changing the suspension?

And Ford has had many hits through the years, Taurus, Contour, Expedition, Explorer, Edge, Escape, Fusion, SD, Econoline, Focus....long list in fact.
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