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Re: Ford Set Up JLR for Success Before 2008 Sale

The DEW98 mess was a leftover of the nightmare era that came from Trotman and Nasser. I was among the many that wondered why Ford seemed to have both thumbs up its nether region, letting the CV, Taurus, and Mustang rot while shoveling money at the PAG brands that had questionable profit histories at best. The DEW98 platform was a major bone of contention, because it was under-utilized while still being under a slew of amazing concept cars that Ford teased...but never produced.

That platform is one reason why so many Ford-o-philes in the USA are leery as **** about the company's RWD efforts: the Aussies had fun Falcon derivatives, but the Mustang stayed on long-obsolete Fairmont bones until it got a dumbed-down version of the DEW98 chassis...the T-Bird on that platform was structurally Silly Putty and half-assed...and the Lincoln LS was unreliable and mid-pack at its best.

With the (admittedly overhyped) "death of the car" and the still-nebulous CD6 information, we're going to be twitchy until something concrete helps us to forget the grand f***-ups of yesteryear.

If GM can justify Buick, and if Honda can justify Acura, we can damned well have Mercury back.
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