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Re: Ford Set Up JLR for Success Before 2008 Sale

Originally Posted by glyphics View Post
C'mon Wings. Your skin is so thin that you can't read. You and I know that the Lincoln LS was discontinued before Ford decided to hack the DEW98. Please!

A hit yesterday is a hit today IF you fund development enough to keep up with or lead the competition. Ford's hits are like baseball pop-ups. Off the bat it's up, up & up then it's down, down & down. F-150 is saving the company and Mustang is a hit. Almost everything else (for example, all of the cars they are cancelling) is a fly ball to center field.

Wildly overstated. The Fusion had very good years, and the Focus/Fiesta did good things despite the DCT fiasco. Right now, by your logic, essentially every mid-size sedan is a pop fly as trends move strongly toward CUVs. Nissan is cutting production by 20%, and the Altima is a big reason why.

Ford is part of a market that is undergoing a massive transition...that's pretty well known right now.

If GM can justify Buick, and if Honda can justify Acura, we can damned well have Mercury back.
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