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Re: Ford Set Up JLR for Success Before 2008 Sale

Originally Posted by glyphics View Post
C'mon Wings. Your skin is so thin that you can't read. You and I know that the Lincoln LS was discontinued before Ford decided to hack the DEW98. Please!

A hit yesterday is a hit today IF you fund development enough to keep up with or lead the competition. Ford's hits are like baseball pop-ups. Off the bat it's up, up & up then it's down, down & down. F-150 is saving the company and Mustang is a hit. Almost everything else (for example, all of the cars they are cancelling) is a fly ball to center field.
You generalized your reasoning for LS failing, so I generalized my question back to you. Does that really denote thin skin to you? There is far more involved than what you believe, and that would have been my retort back, had you not just assumed I was throwing a bitch fit.

As for your claim of only having Mustang and F150, I could not disagree more there as well. Plenty of major hits, in fact, most vehicles Ford sells does so in much bigger volumes than Mustang.
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