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(For fun) Taking a look back at the Mustang Mach III

So recently there has been a sort of boom in retro PC gaming and "battle stations". Since I work in IT I have collected a lot of computers and components over time but never got rid of my original Dell desktop from 2000 which was the first PC I learned to tear apart and work on. First one I learned to use was an IBM PS/2 with Windows 3.1 but this Dell taught me the basics of tearing apart and putting back together and reformatting a drive way more times than I care to admit. I got it out of my closet and started to put it back together and load a fresh image of Windows Me on it so I could play some of my beloved old games. Yes I know you can emulate a lot of this software on modern machines but there's something to be said about being able to pop a CD in and it just working without having to jump through hoops.

One of the first games I installed was the Need for Speed series which I still say 1-4 were by far the best of the best but NFS2SE always stuck out to me cause it introduced me to my favorite car of all time the GT90. But that wasn't the only Ford in that game in fact Ford had 3 cars in that game the most of any other brand. The others were the Ford Indigo (1996) and Mustang Mach III (1992) concepts. After beating the game successfully I was going back and reading and listening to the showcases one of the best parts of the old NFS games which spit out a ton of info and specs and listening to the Mustang Mach III showcase was humorous for many reasons. Take a look here it ends around 1:47

The last part when the voice over says "Will we see a Mustang with carbon fiber panels one day? It's more than possible" ended up coming true. We got to see this with the GT500 and GT350 but they weren't the first to use carbon fiber components apparently the 2003 and 2004 SVT Cobra used carbon fiber clutch discs. It's possible some earlier Mustangs used CF components as well but that was the earliest I could find online.

It's also funny to look at some of those specs the 450 HP out of a supercharged 4.6 sounded amazing back then but now Mustang gets 460 HP now without a supercharger in the 5.0 on top of all that the new GT can do 0-60 in under 4 seconds where the Mach III concept was about 4.5 seconds.

Lastly the current Mustang looks far better than the Mach III where the Mach III showcased Ford's new obsession with round lines and oval themes which would hit the 4th gen Mustang and 3rd gen Taurus pretty hard till the Edge styling came to save the day.

Anyway thought it would be fun to look back and see how far we have advanced since then. Hope you guys enjoy.

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