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Re: Ford says battery tech still too immature for performance EV

Originally Posted by glyphics View Post
Ford has an enviable history of making cars for the people; ie., affordable. It would be difficult for Ford to start with the introduction of new tech, such as BEV at the high end; it's just not in their DNA.

Let's speculate, however. Couldn't the introduction of a BEV at the high end have been of benefit to Ford as a showcase of technology and a tangible vision of the future? Ford insiders here on FIN insist that Ford already has the lead on e-vehicle tech. Wouldn't Ford having a BEV product available now been a great tech and PR demonstrator/influencer at whatever price point? Might have made Wall Street smile down on Ford as well; sorta like they're smiling down on Tesla.

Wall Street and Tesla love affair will end soon. The problems are starting ...

"There's growing concern over Tesla's finances — and Wall Street is convinced the company will need to raise money soon."
"Tesla says it will be profitable by the end of the year and won't need to raise more cash. Many on Wall Street disagree."
"Tesla is burning cash like crazy"
"The Goldman Sachs analyst David Tamberrino told clients earlier this month that Tesla may need $10 billion in fresh funding within 18 months to stay alive."

The link:

IMO, Tesla doesn´t count in the future of electric cars. It will not survive.

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