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Re: Fusion/Fiesta/Taurus Officially Cancelled

Originally Posted by falcon lover View Post
The sedan is destined to China only.... the hatch and the wagon for Europe. That is why the sedan have a cheaper suspension.
Ford did mention that only models with the smaller base engines like the 1.0 EcoBoost get the twist-beam.

Chinese market 2019 Focus Titanium (1.5 EcoBoost) sedan with multi-link rear suspension.

Click here if the images are not showing:


Originally Posted by MKII View Post
MK4 3 rear suspensions. Sedan shop manuals are showing that the sedan comes with the low cost twist beam only.
Shop manual for Europe? Maybe the sedan will only be offered there with base engines. Rear suspension varies depending on the engine.

It says 4-door and 5-door Multi-link.

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