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Re: Introducing Team Edison

What kept the Prius on top is the MPG bragging rights. But as we see now, as those hybrid bragging rights are taken away by challengers, the Prius consumer will switch to the new winner. Prius models did not have to look good, but all they needed to do was beat the competition with consistent MPG. Which is why Prius hybrid owners switched to the Prius PHEV in large numbers when it came out. But today a full EV with 200+ miles of range is above any commuter hybrid and wins that competition hands down. Using Zero gasoline and producing Zero CO2 emissions is better than using less gasoline or less CO2 emissions. Which is why the Prius is one of the top 5 cars traded in for the Model 3 costing twice as much.

Which is also why Toyota is racing to get their solid state batteries ready for their replacements for the hybrid Prius models. The hydrogen interim step is just there to show they are doing something, but it really has no future for consumer vehicles, when power from the sun can be free and forever.

Good - Hybrid
Better - PHEV
Best - EV
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