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Re: Has Ford Overestimated Its Customers’ Loyalty?

Originally Posted by Assimilator View Post
I guess that also confirms the sedan is dead in Ford's global portfolio as well. Their de-sedanning is more aggressive than I thought, it also makes it very permanent. It also puts into question the future of Focus & Fiesta, which I know Ford has openly said is unprofitable. I guess it's a good thing they invested in these products now and ride out the crossover transition and re-evaluate those products as needed. I think Ford just needs to replace their Focus/Fiesta volume with profitable vehicles before making any decisions on their future.

And hey, Ford just confirmed they have a compact truck coming...unless Ranger qualifies as compact truck?

The Fiesta and the Focus are the core of the european line up. If Ford kill both, are killing the european operation. Without any doubt.

And that compact truck is the Focus based FWD unibody small truck (Courier?).

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