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Originally Posted by wingsnut View Post
Interesting article below that mentions how Mach was quickly redone last winter.
That’s a very interesting article, Wingsnut. I know many people are down on Hackett but I’m inclined to give him a chance. He just needs some time. Particularly interesting is how he has tried to get employees to not just change what they think about but more importantly how they think. The problem seems to be (and this is true of many places besides Ford) that too often employees make decisions with their corporate hats on but when you’re selling a product to consumers it’s important to put on your consumer hat. I see it in my line of work almost every day. It’s a very hard thing to break out of. Hackett, being from Steelcase, probably sees things very differently from his automotive brethren. Steelcase sells the types of products that you can find at mass market furniture stores for much cheaper. Steelcase has higher quality items but how do you convince people to pay a premium in a category that’s in many ways highly commoditized? You have to get into the hearts and minds of the people you want to buy your product. That’s what Hackett was able to accomplish at Steelcase so some of those lessons may be valuable at Ford.
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