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Re: Ford Releases First Image Of Mustang-Inspired Mach 1 Electric SUV

If that image is correct to the eventual production version then I'm not sure how this passes as a crossover. It sure suggests a vehicle much lower to the ground than the Cayenne when you look at what appear to the the wheel arches in relation to the tail lights. Also consider just how massive the rear bumper would have to be below those lights if it were as tall as the Cayenne!

Also, while I understand the desire to draw upon the Mustang heritage, I just don't see how the Mustang design language can transition well to a taller crossover.

This vehicle must be a homerun for two reasons:

1. It marks Ford's entry into the full electric market. If it falls on it's face like Continental has it will be devastating to Ford's reputation.

2. It will also be the only real compliment to the Mustang in terms of Ford performance offerings. Escape and Explorer ST versions are fine, but they aren't vehicles upon which you hang your performance hat but rather are vehicles that borrow their reputation from those that do, which is the Mustang and only the Mustang moving forward. Having a legit performance electric will be a much needed boost to Ford's performance reputation!
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