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Re: 2019 Altima Challenge Sedan Slump

Sedans are great for non-volume carmakers, specifically luxury carmakers. They can be more stylish, exotic, luxurious and with performance that can only be had because they are low to the ground and sprung tightly (or adaptively). The differences between mainstream sedans and utilities are all negatives for the sedan...basically they offer less utility and comfort with the only benefit being cost and style preference. Not to mention sedans have lost their status next to utilities, again unless it's an expensive luxury.

And to me, utilities are just as stylish, often more so since it's just a larger and bolder canvas to work with with many different forms and ways to personalize them. Sedans basically cut the same shape no matter what carmaker they are from, which is why I call them commodities. There isn't much flexibility and they all have to do exactly the same thing. It's pretty boring.

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