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Re: Mission: LINCOLN!

Originally Posted by Andrew L View Post
I am not sure about i series

I would like to see the 3 trims they have had since forever make a return tho

Executive - Base
Signature Series - Mid Level
Cartier - Top of the Line
imho the i-series makes use of a couple existing themes from Ford
'Individual' & the "Small Mercs Theorem" (which might make me a bit biased in its favor).
As well as dealing with my prejudice against a 4 cylinder Lincolns (I'm still getting over the idea that every Lincoln should at least offer an optional v8).

The i-series 'says' that anyone having the Olde view of Lincoln as big v8 barges ought to take another look ... and maybe Drive One
among other issues...
...imho right now "Lincoln" is sort of a semi-luxury 'meatloaf'
just a lump of vehicles without much structure to their marketing and perception - except for the "size of your slice".

So the 3 different series (specifically the i-series since the GRwdP Star-series comes out a bit later) would indicate that there's a variety of models to suit more than just traditional preferences...
,,,sort of, "If you're considering a Ford Titanium, you might enjoy an i-series better."

Along those lines,
imho having actual 'trims levels' might not be a good thing - Every Lincoln needs to be pretty darn loaded
(Andrew, I'd be very interested in what features you'd "leave out" of the Executive and Signature??)
is reflected in my take on their features . . . next post

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