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Re: Future Product Guide: GM - AutomotiveNews

Originally Posted by Assimilator View Post
I think Lincoln is struggling to find an expository hook that is compatible with its brand image. The Continental and Navigator are the most recent examples and only one of them was a success. Maybe Navigator is where they start to base their business, similar to the Land Rover with Range Rover.
I think Continental could have been a one two punch with Navigator as far as the brand's image goes, had it had the same impact in production form that the concept had. It just lost so much of it's striking/distinctive design features in the transition to production that, while still a handsome vehicle, it just doesn't have that 'wow' factor that the concept had.

As you pointed out, Navigator has been much more successful in that regard, and it'll be up to Aviator (and to a lesser extent, Corsair) to carry that torch until a new Nautilus and Lincoln's Mach 1 come along. Hopefully Aviator barely changes....I think what we saw is largely production, aside from mirrors and a few other details. The EV model will be their opportunity to break the mold and go for a "production concept" look, IMO.

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