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Re: 2019 Nautilus First Drive

Seems I got wings fur up lol. I make a simple legit statement and he pulls up a chart and brings in Cadillac. Again.

Mercedes, Audi, Infiniti, Acura are all below Cadillac yet I’m sure they are fine vehicles. Remember when Ford sync caused their rankings to plunge? It’s well established that owner’s confusion over things such as voice commands and new tech can lead to falling rankings in quality surveys. Jd powers IQ rankings are using them is pointless unless they are used in a holistic viewpoint.

TFL car and truck has well over a million subs and are well respected. Calling the hosts “dolts” is very a very trumpy thing to do when they say something negative. If u follow them, u would know they say plenty of very positive things regarding Ford. Are they dolts in that scenario as well? Grow the f—k up.
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