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Re: 2019 Nautilus First Drive

I have issues with Ford and the way they treat the Lincoln brand like a Ford and not like a Lincoln. They give no more time to making a Lincoln then a Mustang. The Continental should have better build quality then your Taurus, it cost allot more. Also no new car should look like it just came out of a Econo body shop, i don't care which brand it is. I hope that not all Ford employees think like you otherwise I may be with the wrong company. Instead of coming out and saying yeah maybe we need work on that, you come out defending Ford for doing poor craftsmanship on there Flagship car and Truck. Then talk about other brands to justify Fords poor workmanship.
I do look at the other brands and some are now doing a better job then Ford overall. Dodge's Truck interior is so far ahead of Ford's its not funny. Yet I know their not perfect too, because they cannot get there center speaker grill any better then ford does on their Lincoln Navi but they sure did get the rest of the truck wright. That's why Ford's stock is in such a downward spin. Because Ford does not care about the details and with insiders like you who are OK with it too because all cars are not perfect.

Taurus is a good example it was the number one car when it first came out but the competition steps it up and Ford does not step it up they just let it die on the vine. If the Continental was put together like the Navigator or Expedition then I would be ok with the Continental and would be in one wright now. But its not it has the same build quality as a Mustang which is not OK. Lincoln was better off when they had there own factory and not made along with the Mustangs. If a company cannot get the simple things wright how can I expect them to get the big things wright.

I've owned allot of Fords over the years but at no time have I ever been more let down then now. Its not like this is my first Ford I've owned I've had many and I can tell you the quality has went down. My 2016 F150 had better build quality then 2018's. Yes I maybe harder on Ford because I am a fan of Ford. But I will not accept a vehicle that has a windshield that you can see a painted window post and glue in plain sight. Which none of the other brands have that problem. Ford could have just made the black border wider that goes around the glass to cover it up but they did not even do that . My dads 2005 F150 has no such problem and my brothers 2014 also has no such problem and the 2018 should not have that kind a problem either. Just like there should not be any differences in the F150's that comes out of Dearborn and the ones out of Kansas but there is a difference and you can see it. I don't expect perfection out of any brand but I do have some expectations out of Ford having bought them for over 3 decades. These new Fords are not meeting my expectations plain and simple. The issues are way too in your face and once you seen it, it cannot be unseen. Its only with the newer production trucks, the trucks made earlier in the year do not seem to have the problem like the later production trucks. If you are Ok with quality like this pictures shows I do not no what to say to you Wingsnut. I was hoping someone would take interest maybe fix these problems since some of you work for Ford.
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