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Re: Mission: LINCOLN!

Why did Lincoln drop the Cartier name ? That would have made a great stand alone model for Lincoln. Cartier has more prestiges than Ultimate. Ultimate is to close to what Buick used years back Ultra. If ever there is a RWD Town Car replacement (excluding MKT Town Car) in the works, the name Lincoln Cartier should be considered.

The Zodiac is a good start. Great job. But i still favor the Mark X front with chrome strip going the length of the car. (sorry i'm the only one who likes that look but it makes a powerful statement compared to current Lincoln front-ends. To be a real Lincoln, the design needs substance. (the '60's Lincoln front ends are a good start) You need to look at it and the image is "That's a Lincoln!" There should be no question as to where its position is on the food chain. You see the design and relate the Lincoln to "Top Shelf" rather than "bargin basement" or "generic". That's where the problem lies with the current designs. Hopefully the new design team can show (Please at NY in April) some powerful new design language/themes bringing the past to the future. (BUT not the "in your face" gaudiness Cadillac uses)

2b2, you are worse than I am. I usually map out a "dream" Lincoln model lineup wishing it would see the day of light. Been doing it for years now. Waaay back in the '80's I took the Mark V design and created a 4-door out of it (which I can't find which means it's gone forever)Called it the top of the line "Masterpiece" line above the Continental line. Had 4-door sedan, sedan w/long wheelbase, 2-door coupe and convertible and Limousine. The Masterpiece Series was to compete with the Rolls Royce/Bentley at the time. The regular sedan was like a modern version (at the time) of the Eldorado Brougham only by Lincoln. OK, stop laughing everyone......Hey, its ok to let your imagination go every now and then.
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