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I thought it was ironic that Ford built an ad talking about how the 'other' manufacturers talked about what they are building for the future(forgetting to mention the 'other' guys have concepts and some are already producing and selling their future vehicles), while Ford does the same so far 'without' offering a concept of new product in their ad.

And did Ford really say that the public will be a 'fool' to believe what their competition is saying about their future vehicles?? Seriously??

While at the same time they were clear to mention ..."Building Cars, New Technologies and Transforming Cities"....and nothing about trucks, vans and SUVs, but showing images of building F-150 and a Mustang in motion.

What this ad represents is that Ford knows they have a big perception problem with consumers, and that is that consumers know the future is electric, and Ford has nothing to show and is getting left behind. Especially with younger drivers under 40. Which means Ford and Lincoln will be targeting the same age demographic. 40+

Perhaps, but what Ford will never be guilty of, is showing some product many years before it arrives, if it arrives at all. Thinking of you Tesla.
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