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Re: Ranger Raptor Spy Pics

Originally Posted by Harry_Wild View Post
Ford management said the upcoming Ford Raptor will not be coming to North America but will be sold elsewhere, worldwide, however! Even in South America!

Short-sighted decision? I don't know but it can't be that expensive to develop a Raptor if it's going to be built in the U.S. They cited lack of demand but how can they know demand when there hasn't been supply? And the claim that the availability of a Ranger Raptor will cannibalize F-150 Raptor sales just doesn't hold water.

I think that eventually a Ranger Raptor will be built for the U.S. market but only after a Ford-style delay and after they come to realize that people really want it. IMO, they should put the Raptor go parts on but with most of the Lariat's luxo pieces removed; in other words, modify the base model into a Raptor, not the Lariat.
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