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Re: Introducing Team Edison

I dont want more announcements, I want (and I think the investors want it too) to see something. A concept, a preview vehicle (like the Aviator). Something tangible that shows that Ford is working on EVs. Until then, everything remains in words and promises.

And about the cadence of the launch of the new vehicles, the impression I have is that Ford gave all his workers vacation for a year or two in the past 2 or 3 years, because there is a very long lapse of time in which no new vehicle reaches the market. The last new vehicle in the USA is the Expedition / Navigator launched almost a year ago. In Europe, the Focus launched at the beginning of this year. Compare with other manufacturers, including those in the premium category such as Mercedes-Benz or Audi, which have launched at least 2 or 3 completly new vehicles this year and many more are on the way. Sometimes we criticize the investors because they do not give a good rating to the shares in Ford's stock exchange, but seeing this situation, where nothing is "seen" in particular, skepticism is perfectly understandable.

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