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Re: 2019 Chicago Auto Show

Originally Posted by mooseman View Post
...a little disappointing in that they have done little to respond to the Ram. Interior is no doubt worlds better than the GM debacle, but trails the Ram fairly significantly. 10spd is awesome. The grille does look loads better. The 7.3 sounds great and no doubt makes a ton of sense for a large number of HD buyers (takes a lot of towing, hauling, or miles to make up for $10k). They're lucky the GM refreshes were such utter failures that they make pick up some GM buyers, but it appears the Ram train will keeping picking up steam until the next cycle, which I expect will put Ford back on top in terms of interiors.
Ram will likely keep picking up steam, but still not catching the Super Duty. While the interior isnt as nice as the new Ram, its kind of expected. The Ram was all new for 2020 whereas the SD is just a refresh, wish usually dont come with an all new interior.
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