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Re: 2019 Ford Ranger

Originally Posted by wingsnut View Post
But Ranger is roomier, right? Or same?
The old Sport Trac had more shoulder room and rear legroom than the new Ranger SuperCrew but it had a 5.8 cu. ft. smaller cargo box volume.
It's clearly a more comfort-oriented model than the more rugged new Ranger.

2019 Ford Ranger SuperCrew (US)
Head room - Front: 39.8 in.
Head room - Rear: 38.3 in.
Shoulder room - Front: 56.7 in.
Shoulder room - Rear: 56.3 in.
Hip room - Front: 55.8 in.
Hip room - Rear: 53.5 in.
Max Leg room - Front: 43.1 in.
Leg room - Rear: 34.5 in.

2010 Ford Explorer Sport Trac
Head room - Front: 39.8 in.
Head room - Rear: 38.5 in.
Shoulder room - Front: 59 in.
Shoulder room - Rear: 58.9 in.
Hip room - Front: 55.4 in.
Hip room - Rear: 55.5 in.
Max Leg room - Front: 42.4 in.
Leg room - Rear: 36.9 in.

The new Ranger can out tow the V8 Sport Trac 4x2: 7500 lbs vs 7160 lbs

The new Ranger is probably more off-road capable than the Sport Trac.

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