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Re: Hackett 100-Day Review

Have owned numerous Fords back in the UK when I relocated to this side of the pond in the late 90's it was quite disappointing to see what was on offer from Ford on these shores, it appeared to be the F-150 company and nothing else yet down in Mexico where half the Fords I would have wanted to purchased, however different regions have different tastes so I just chalked it up to that.

Then fast forward a number of years to the appointment of Alan Mulally and all of sudden Fords are back on the menu, sure they where still bean countered for the USA market but it was early days and the Euro Fords that I like where at least going to be on sale, while I was disappointed in how the mk3 Focus RS turned out even that managed to be available for purchase, but since Mulally left rather than continue and improve upon the 'one world Ford' mentality it has all reverted back to business as normal and back to being the F-150 company with everything else becoming a sea of out dated metal with minimal effort in updates that is of little interest.

Maybe there is some amazing stuff in the pipeline yet to be shown but as it stands and as great as the F-150 is I have no interest in trucks so Ford is no longer on the menu and once my Focus ST gets long in the tooth and in need of replacement I will have to return to the German camp, while Ford continues down the path to becoming the next Isuzu .
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