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It looks like Ford still has not corrected it's slow reaction to global market trends especially as it relates to new energy vehicles. The extremely long development time has Fords new energy offerings arriving as the trend fades into the evolution of that technology. Mild Hybrid technology was a 2015 technology as best, especially for anything not a big SUV/Crossover or truck. Ford knows they are behind but will just launch old tech anyway and blame the consumer or the market for not wanting what Ford offers, instead of Ford offering what the consumer is asking for and buying.

The hybrid and PHEV Focus and Fiesta shoud have launched back in 2012 which was an obvious decision, and Alan Mulally stated it was easily doable...but Ford turned to diesels. And seriously, what took so long to get the 3-cylinder engine pared with a hybrid drivetrain???? But Ford's lack of focus on electricication was evident in the New GT launched in 2016 with ZERO electrification. Their flagship performance sports car tied to old ICE technoloy only. It is clear that Ford won't be part of the future of transportation, but playing it safe in the decline of last gen technology which does not work in a new technology era. Stuck focused on the way it used to be. Those 7 year product cycles are gone, and it's 2-3 years and months with technology.

Just looking at the obvious in Europe. In just over a month of deliveries, Model 3 is the best selling midsize sedan in Europe. This included Germany, the home of BMW and MB and outselling the C-Class and 3-Series. And this is ONLY selling the highest trim levels of the Model 3. Later in the year coms the standard range at about half the price, which is about at the price of the higher trim level ICE Focus, Golf, etc. VW has several models coming agross their many brands, and Ford is still two years out with what they are planning.

All I can say is good luck with mild hybrids in the age of pure electricication, where in Chiina 200+ mile ev midsize sedans will be $20k at the same time.

What nonsense, pretending like Ford is only now keeping up with what was typically a half measure attempt at hybrids, something Ford has mastered quite well. Nice try, troll. There is a clear reason why Ford added micro hybrids to some segments, and you know that reason, but continue to be an idiot about it.

And yes, Tesla is seeing a lot of success selling a product where they currently own the market in Europe. All of which will change very soon with much competition. But success in volume, certainly not in profit. That continues to elude them.
He is actually right...look at Toyota and Honda and the number of hybrids in their line up. Ford was rivalling Toyota in 2012!!!! And now they only have 1 hybrid in production and 2 to go (Explorer and Escape) vs Toyota that has had the Highlander hybrid and RAV4 hybrid for years now!! No wonder Toyota took the Escape out of the top CUV role and the Highlander is about to do the same with the Explorer...

VW is taking a very different approach and going straight to EV - which I am not sure if the best one right now, unless they can keep prices low.
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