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Next Mustang - 2026 (or later)

We know what the immediate future for the Ford Mustang looks likeóa new Shelby GT500 later this year, and not too long after, a hybrid version. But the long-term plan for the Mustang is a little murkier. Automobile reports that we haven't heard a whole lot about a new Mustang because it's actually quite far away. An anonymous source speaking to the magazine said that a truly all-new Mustang might not arrive until the 2026 model year, while another guessed that it might not be until 2028 or 2029.
Nope, cancel sedans all you want, keep S550 around for a decade plus, **** you Ford! I sure hope this is wrong as last I heard they were pulling the S650 forward a year, not back half a decade or more.
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