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Re: Next Mustang - 2026 (or later)

The article does make a case for keeping S550 Mustang around but it is not an automotive case, it's a business case. Ford is the master of long lead times since reduced R&D is supposed to enhance profits and make Wall Street happy (So why isn't Wall Street happy?). This article is more proof that Ford is an F-150 company since that is the only model that gets lots of R&D; the only model that technologically is ahead of its competition.

They're saying that Mustang will have to wait and that Ford will not strike while the CD6 iron is hot. By the time 2026 rolls around, the CD6 will be a relatively old platform; hopefully, it will be more tweak-able than CD4. This article states that CD6 is a SUV platform and that the next Mustang - whenever it appears - will have to be larger because of it. In that case, I still hold out hope that a 4-door Mustang - perhaps a REAL Thunderbird - might be considered in the future.

Ford will have to have the right strategy for their only image car, Mustang, since they appear to be convinced that "new, latest and best" is not needed to keep it ahead of its competition.
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