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Originally Posted by mooseman View Post
...yawn. You know how many times my ICE car left outside has frozen shut in the cold? All the **** time. ****, I've had the lock freeze and lock me out on multiple occasions, and it barely touches the single digits here maybe a couple times a winter. That's why god invented garages.
Also with the latest over the air Tesla update, to deal with that particualar issue, owners have the option to have their car preheat so the windows, doors, door handles are thawed out when they want to drive the car during an extreme freezing winter event. While at the same time, no matter how cold it is, with an Ev, there is no issue of 'cranking' the car, since the cold does not impact the ability to just 'start'. Noted by people all over the coldest parts of the world, and EV is their best option in extreme temperatures. Plugged in or not the owner can decide if the car warms itself from the grid or not.
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