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Re: The most powerfull 4-cyl engine? Look at Mercedes-Benz

Originally Posted by mooseman View Post
...the irony of your statement is epic. I have a sizable investment in Ford because I do my due diligence. I have followed, read, and invested in the automotive industry for decades, thus I have a very knowledgeable and broad view from a historical perspective. I have done so much due diligence I bought a cheap EV to ascertain for myself whether EVs were hype or really the next step in mobility rather than relying on the words of others.

So, if doing all your homework, reading, studying, and actually participating in the market to judge better which articles are accurate or not is acting like a teenager, then guilty as charged. You keep believing the FUD. You keep changing your muffler bearings and blinker fluid...because you are entirely uneducated when it comes to EVs. You wouldn’t know sh*t from Shinola when it comes to EVs, and it shows in every petulant reply you post.

Have a great day.

Petulant: easily annoyed and complaining in a rude way like a child.
Synonyms cranky (BAD-TEMPERED) US informal

My post are petulants? Sorry.

About EVs, I'm not interested in them yet. Maybe in a few years when they are really useful and serve what I need I will consider them. Now they don't interest me.

I´m here to have fun talking and sharing information about fun cars. About really fun cars. That is all.

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