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Re: 2020 Super Duty Tremor

Originally Posted by wingsnut View Post
A bit dramatic for humor, perhaps.

Honestly, the 6.2L SOHC is not that much bigger. It's wider, sure, but shorter and about the same height as the 7.3L. The 5.0L is much shorter yet and not as tall as the 7.3L. Appearances can be tricky. The 7.3L will not have a following, like other motors. Pure workhorse that will avoid the limelight.
Kinda humorous, kinda the results of watching some of my tuner shop buddies reminding me how easily LS motors wedge into tighter spaces compared to mod motors. I usually remind them that they require an extra liter of displacement to get a tenth advantage, ask 'em if they miss Vortech rod knock, and wander off.

I am curious how the new motor will respond to the inevitable and imminent modifications/tunings. Check upcoming SEMA shows....

If GM can justify Buick, and if Honda can justify Acura, we can damned well have Mercury back.
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