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Originally Posted by wingsnut View Post
How many luxury CUV's allow you to drive to work all week, without using the ICE depending on range, and unlimited range on weekends while leaving your electric cord at home. Not too many. That is the whole idea of this Grand Touring Lincoln. No limitations. Some here will either never get that, or just ignore in their trolling efforts.
...Cayenne e-hybrid, BMW X5, Volvo XC90.

The X5 also has a 24kWh battery and 50mi of range. ****, my CT6 goes 30mi on a charge. This would be a big step back for my family with 18mi of range.

What I don’t get is an engineer stated that 20mi of range wouldn’t cut it any more and to expect more. Then, bam 18 mi of range. /sigh

Maybe the Mach-E won’t disappoint and Ford will finally produce something I can give them money for.
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