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Vw id.3

The EV from VW is here. On the new electric platform, the MEB platform. The battery car have 3 ranges: basic (205 miles) , medium (261 miles) and top (342 miles).
The exterior is modern, of course, with a solid desing plenty of futuristic details, but the "cab forward" profile dont like me. And I cant understand why this design. The wheelbase is long and that is enough to have a very good interior space, so that windshield extended to the front doesn't make much sense.
About the interior, looks so cheap (well, is a cheap car, after all...) that the interior of the Faster-than-Lambo car looks good... and that is a big problem. The white panels for the screens looks cartoonished. And why that horrible pink color for the upper side of the dashboard?. VW design team are very confused (or intoxicated?) with the idea of a modern electric car.

Maybe VW will sell a lot of these cars because the price, not the exterior or interior design. The ranges are ok, too.

Im still waiting for the correct EV. Not the bored and badly assembled Faster-than-Lambo , not the very expensive Taycan, neither the cheap (in all its meanings) VW ID.3 . Will it be the Mustang crossover EV ?

The pics, the link:


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