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Originally Posted by falcon lover View Post
The EV from VW is here. On the new electric platform, the MEB platform. The battery car have 3 ranges: basic (205 miles) , medium (261 miles) and top (342 miles). point to note about ranges, they won’t be close those numbers. EPA numbers would be around 160(basic)45kWh, 210-220(medium)58kWh, 270-280(long)77kWh.

The last big battery won’t be available initially. The $40k 1st Edition will have the 58, which is smaller than the Leaf Plus 62, which nets around 220 miles. And to get a 1st Edition with lane keeping and adaptive cruise control, you have to get the top of the line 1st Max, which will probably fetch $50k, still with the 58kWh battery and RWD.

For $50k, you can get a 77kWh 310mi AWD Model 3. Manufacturers are finding it very difficult to try and undercut Tesla.
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