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Re: Vw id.3

Originally Posted by mooseman View Post
...itís a shame you have such a big anti-Tesla bias. It just took the third spot in all sales in the U.K. last month, behind Fiesta and Focus. They score very highly in customer satisfaction, as well. I donít recommend you test driving one, though, as it might change your mind.

Donít get me wrong; it isnít a perfect car by any means. I, too, would prefer something more traditional on the interior, with real firm leather, and not fake Vegan friendly bull-shite, real gauges, some buttons, but the rest of the car is so far out in front of competitors, it isnít even funny. Iíd have to spend $160k on a Taycan Porsche to get something on par with my incoming $56k Model 3 Performance. An interior isnít worth $100k to me.

Did you read what I wrote?. I prefer the Faster-than-Lambo car than this cartoonished toy from VW!... Whatever, the perfect EV for me doesnt exist yet.

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