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Originally Posted by falcon lover View Post
The price of 86000$ is for the less powered upcoming version, the non Turbo/Turbo S models. Anyway, when we compare the specs of the Porsche and the Tesla, the faster-than-Lambo win , again.

Let see:
Faster-than-Lambo: 762hp
Porsche: 750hp

Faster-than-Lambo: 723 lb-ft
Porsche: 774 lb-ft

Faster-than-Lambo: 4883 lbs
Porsche: 5121 lbs

0-60 mph:
Faster-than-Lambo: 2.4 sec
Porsche: 2.6 sec

Faster-than-Lambo: 345 miles
Porsche: 256 miles

Trunk volume:
Faster-than-Lambo: 26,3 cu/ft
Porsche: 12,9 cu/ft

So, Porsche will need to use the more advanced tech , better interior, best quality and its badge to convince the customers to prefer the Taycan over the faster-than-Lambo Tesla... Of course, those customers that only want to run faster (one or two laps... not much more) dont have to think much. one knows what the base model will cost, but I doubt it will be faster than a standard AWD Mod 3...but the $150k (before the required $10-20k in options) Turbo barely, I mean barely, outruns my $57k P3D, assuming Tesla doesn’t release a power update just to screw with Porsche.

The Porsche is a great car. Still, the performance isn’t that compelling given how much fun you can have in a P3D. You could have a Porsche Cayman 718 GT4 and a P3D for the cost of a Turbo. 🙂 That sounds like a helluva lot more fun to me.
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