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Cool Re: Ford CEO Alan Mulally has no plans to leave

I have followed Ford for as long as I can remember.......Bill was not much of a leader and I feel he was too cautious and was afraid to rock the boat and instill the major change that was needed.... But, I do give him the upmost credit to admit, he couldn't get the job done, and found someone he thought could!

Back in the 90's Ford, GM etc, were living on their 15K profit per SUV - gave up on cars - put them out to pasture, and I about totally lost it when they were going to make the new mustang, the "PROBE"...

It was totally apparent that MAJOR CHANGE had to be made... Ford was trying like everyone else with their other brands.. Taurus = Sable - Mustang = Capri, Countour = Mystique, Thunderbird = Cougar.... and the Expedition = the gawd awful Navigator... I mean have you seen the movie VACATION.... the family truckster had the dual tail lights like the rediculously stupid looking stick on's the back of the Navigator... I mean are you really going to want that!.... and anyone that thought it was worth the extra 5-10K to have one, deserved it..

I hated to see Mercury go, but folks, they meant nothing anymore, they diluted them to death.. I have no problem using the same chasis, but my gosh at least give them different sheet metal... like the old mustangs and old cougars... Cougars had a unique look at least back then..

Why is a badge and a grill = to a new car?

(Believe it or not, there are still some idiots that actually think that a GMC truck is "better in dependability than a Chevy truck." Hello, Mc Fly, anyone home?

I had heard that FORD was looking at going to the numbers for their cars versus names, and I was ticked.

When Mulally wanted to change the name of the 500 back to the Taurus...I was happy. Why did they ever change it to the 500.. I know it was a retro name, but the car wasn't any different, it was a **** name. If they wouldn't have diluted the taurus to the fleet, and developed the car for the consumer, they wouldn't have to reinvent it in the first place.

I mean just because BMW, Mercedes and ? uses numbers for their cars, big freaking deal.. that isn't going to sell cars... Why do we always have to try to be like everyone else... Be unique, be the leader not the follower....

He also asked the question, "Why do we need 17 different seat tracks to bolt a seat to the floor?", this guy was going after cost.... and reducing part numbers, which reduces inventory, suppliers, Engineering changes and overall work...

I have also been waiting for the day that Mulally leaves.. I had hoped that Ford didn't have an age requirement, like many companies do for their CEO's.... I think he has done a wonderful thing, he's respected, and he's believable...

One last comment that just made me smile.... He asks for all the Division managers to give a report and show their charts on where they were at making their goals..... Everyone was basically on target...He then asks, if you are on Target, why am I here? He encouraged them, to get to the root cause, give realistic numbers, and encouraged them to not tell a great story, but tell the true story of where they were at... He encouraged them to be HONEST and bring forth the problems.. not hide them and be afraid to say, they were failing..... In this day of non-loyalty, I can see why they were afraid to come forward and tell the truth... someone wants to just point fingers at ya and chuck ya there on the spot, instead of working with ya to resolve the root cause....

Why did I just ramble all this, I dunno.... not even going to re read it to make sure it makes sense....

It just made me smile to hear, he's not going anywhere for awhile...

Go Ford!!!
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