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Originally Posted by wingsnut View Post
This is a rare event? Maybe.
But what happens for example in a failed "Greein Plan" society that would one day ban far more reliable fossil fuel power generation systems for flaky renewable ones, and they do it far too soon to make a political point. Hardly unrealistic, and very possible if not probable, depending on who is in office. The potential disruption from politcial winds, is frightening.

Point here, there is no utopia. False alarmist promises from the 70's about running out of gasoline soon, were just more BS, just like recent alarmist theories. What we now know is that there is vast amounts of petroleum discovered and far more undiscovered, and thus no need to force change on our lifestyles with unsustainable urgency. Let people decide. Free market capitalism is the answer. The only answer.
...though I agree with you about the vast majority of that, EVs are still better capital investment, in resources, in labor, in longevity, and most importantly in energy efficiency. We have an ever growing planet and efficiency is becoming very important if we are to lift everyone to first world standards. A world full of EVs is doable. A world of petroleum cars is not. I think the Bollinger is a great example of a potential future. There are places where EV could essentially be a multi purpose survival tool. Solar panels + an EV is essentially an energy plant, transport, communications link, farm tractor, emergency shelter, etc. Better than any draft horse could ever be.

Think big. Think problems solvable. EVs are part of that solution.
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