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Re: OrderGuides: F-L 2013my

The Mark 7 had a nice cloth/leather combo. Hopefully something like that makes the list. I would prefer a cloth insert diamond pattern similar to the '68 Mark 3 which could be carried to the door trim to make the whole thing come together.

2b2, a nice super deep pure dark blue and green would look equally as nice in addition to the super deep black. Perhaps there could be a finish applied to the final topcoat process to give the car that deep "wet" look that we try to get using special wax treatment. The treatment that I used back in the early 1990's on my black '88 Saab Turbo Convertible I owned looked stunning when shined up.

Could real 2-tone color pacakges make a comeback? Have the hood/roof/decklid either a lighter or darker to bodyside colors. 2-tone color combos add more distinction to the look and body contours of the design.
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