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Re: a New MERCURY riddle/heresy

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.....but Mercury is DEAD for a GOOD reason. Why can't we let it stay DEAD.
Or Ford could fix it and expand their market for more profit and more jobs. What GM always did better IMHO was the way they did platform sharing, although they usually did too much of it. But, when you compared sister cars, such as the Cutlass, Regal, Century, Grand Prix, Grand Am, Bonneville, Monte Carlo, Malibu, (did I miss any of the A/G body cars of the 70s-80s?), they shared no sheet metal or interiors across brands. Ford and Mercury OTOH shared most sheet metal and used only trim such as grilles, taillights, and side body molding to differentiate sister cars. They should've gone much further to attain that goal as they had done in the past. And they can again.
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