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Re: a New MERCURY riddle/heresy

There was a time in the mid 90's when I considered that maybe Mercury should work to become competition for BMW. Instead of names, I thought that the various models could all be designated XR-numbers. The coupes would be odd and the sedans even, such as XR-1 would be a subcompact coupe and XR-2 would be a subcompact sedan. The compact XR-3 (based on the Mustang platform) would be a BMW 3-series coupe fighter while the XR-4 would be the sedan version; I imagined a stretched model becoming the midsized XR-5 & XR-6. The large Cougar would become the XR-7 coupe to stand along side a sedan version of course called the XR-8. The XR-9 would've basically have been the fullsized Marauder sedan with no coupe version. The XR-1 & XR-2 would've been FWD and the rest RWD, but all Mercurys would've come with higher end standard features such as IRS, airbags, EFI, and ABS all standard.

Perhaps when Lincoln finally takes off and moves up market there will be room for Mercury of some sort again...

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