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Re: 2015 Lincoln Navigator vs 2014 Navigator Matchup First Drive Review

Originally Posted by wingsnut View Post
I am of the belief that some things should not change, just for the sake of change.
IOW, if the instrument cluster is very functional and familiar and well laid out, as well as clean and elegant looking……leave it alone. Especially something that gets so much of your visual attention. Perhaps it is a familial look that is best anyway. Regardless, they were bounded by the same instrument panel shape and structure anyway, for the most part, so how much change could they effectively implement.
It's just another thing that reminds you of Ford. Something like switchgear and window switches aren't as important in terms of sharing a design (not quality) but I think the instrument panel is more important. It's something that's right in your face and something that shouldn't be so familiar stepping out of a 22k fusion to a 60k navigator in my opinion. They could at least develop a all digital dashboard that could just have different interfaces in different cars. Kind of like cell phones. A Galaxy and a Droid both use Android 4.3 but the interface is different, with different icons, layouts, colors, etc.
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