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How LSL could fit into Lincoln's lineup...

Posted 12-29-2015 at 03:17 AM by 2b2
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LincolnSportLine_simplified option-pkgs, priced from midhigh Select to mid-Reseve/low-[BL];
including paints selected from Any category matched with unique interior upholstery
Originally Posted by 2b2 View Post
Originally Posted by 2b2 View Post
$65k upto $77,144 _= [BL]
$55k upto $72,230 _= Reserve
$50k upto $63,300 _= Select
$45k upto $54,000 _= Premiere

in the above, LSL might be priced $55-60k, with a single ~$5-8k pkg
LSL versions would offer performance withOUT "needless" gizmos/doodads/blandishments;
but offer choices oriented towards drivers & sport that might be hard to fit into Lincoln's lineup (OR GET NOTICED) otherwise.

Interior variants RBWK are Red,Blue,White,all with black backgrounds;
and solid Black, maybe with color piping or laces.
Notorious Blue and a flame red-orange are already offered on the MKZ,
but perhaps they're also appropriate for a SportLine Continental?
...wondering if these could be 'based' more on exterior color? than interior themes like [BL]?

note: thinking RhapsodyBlue is going to an expensive option, maybe on limited trimlevels
so Fidelity would be more affordable, upcharge, and perhaps a bit darker, even 'simpler', not tri-coat;
likewise, EliteFlame would be a somewhat lower cost, $990, interpretation of ChromaFlame &or ChromaElite
Notorious, which is no charge on [BL], basically was just priced between them

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    after playing with the X configurators (still confused)...

    turbo, Awd torque-vectoring (DriversPkg), 9-speed
    • Automatic Rain-Sensing Wipers
    • Auto High-Beam Headlamps
    - dual-zone automatic climate
    - front heated/cooled seats
    • Enhanced Security includes:

    .... Perimeter Alarm
    .... Secondary Horn
    .... Lockable Interior Storage
    .... Vehicle Inclination Sensor
    .... Enhanced Valet Mode
    • Revel Audio with 13 speakers & HD Radio
    • Adaptive HID headlamps**?
    - unique Welcome-mat / Sync3 welcome-screen
    - flat-bottom sport steeringwheel?
    ? performance brakes? with paint co-ordinated calipers
    ? fixed carbon fibre roof ?partly see-thru?

    Extras/'Super' Pkg
    • Full-LED Adaptive Headlamps**?
    • Adaptive Cruise Control
    • 360-Degree Camera
    • Select PLUS Includes:

    .... Navigation (+ voice-activated)
    .... Blind Spot Information System (with cross-traffic alert)
    - MyLincoln Mobile with embedded modem?
    ? 22-Way Adjustable Front Driver/Passenger Seat?
    ? Revel Ultima Audio with 19 Speakers and HD Radio?
    ? color co-ordinated alcantara headliner?

    4Seasons Pkg
    • Heated Rear-Seats
    • Heated Steering Wheel
    • Logo All-Weather Floor Mats
    • Inflatable Rear Outboard Safety Belts
    - Quickclear™ heated windshield glass
    ? heated headlight washers?

    Wheel Boutique
    - winter wheels+tires (18?)
    - std size (20?)
    - xL size (21?)
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    compare above^feature sets with Mission2020
    Originally Posted by 2b2 View Post
    Features/Options/Packages are *identical* on every SIZE & type of model, producing a uniform +$8,000 MSRP spread from each base vehicle to its fully loaded version ( up from $5,500 )
    Here's what's included in the experimental 'trim' levels ... collapsed into just 2 packages & 2 options (though electronic gizmos that can be made snap'n'lock dealer-installable could alter this plan)(edit: since all these Mercurys are hybrids, they can all have 110V outlets, right? ... center console & a flippable one in the rearseat armrest/passthru to trunk).

    standard features:
    • sportbacks get Terrain Mgmt, also all 3 have a separately opening rear window in their powered, foot-activated hatches
    • all models are equipped with DriveControl "by Lincoln";
    and • adjusting height suspension • undercarriage airflow panels as well as grille shutters • Adaptive (turning) headlights • Adaptive Cruise Control • programmable driver/car interface • docking station for bring-along tech gizmos** • Intelligent (keyless) Access • Remote Start • Ambient Lighting • wiper/HL co-ordination • Heated Steering Wheel & seats • power/memory driver seat & side mirrors & • power slide/recline front passenger seat • automatic climate with rear vents • power doorlocks/windows all 1-touch up/down • side window shades (behind B-pillars) • basic Head-Up display (speed/tach/E-mode?)
    • upholstery: alcantara with Leather bolsters & armrests; all "natural" or black/silver (see attached)
    • paint (6 colors see attached, #1-3,6-8)
    ((question: heated & heated/cooled seats by region?))
    ((Push Button Shift NOT included: Lincoln-only
    also NO MyMercTouch ... dunno about Sync3))

    2 standalone options:
    XL moonroof Opt______($1,000)
    (w/ fixed glass rear roof-panel(s) even on sedans/'coupes')

    Leather Opt___________($1,000)
    full seating surfaces & door inserts (see swatches attached)
    Adobe (reddish tan)
    Parchment (offwhite)
    Ebony (with paint co-ordinated piping or accents? (new attachment))

    2 packages:
    tech1 pkg____________($3,000)
    • full (configurable!) Head-Up display • Rear View Camera • Auto Headlites & Highbeams • Rain-Sensing Wipers • Blind Spot Information System w/Cross Traffic Alert • sound system 2 (w/ noise cancelling) • power rear window shade • full power front passenger seat (+Tilt/Ht/Lumbar)
    ((cooled seats?))
    additional paint: ultraBlue & whitePearl (#4,5 of 10 colors see attached)

    tech2 pkg ___________($6,000 SPecialOrder only)
    techPLUS_____________($8,000 inclds Leather & moonroof)
    • 'NightVision' • surround cameras • Active Park Assist with Forward&Rear Sensing System • Lane Keeping System • Collision warning system and pedestrian avoidance system • sound system 3 • Multi-Contour Front Seats with Active Motion™ & power-adjust front headrests
    • auto-fold power rear headrests?
    additional paint: Patina & ForeverGreen (#9,10 see attached)
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    idle thought
    wandering off topic-title in the A Lincoln Ford GT? thread...

    when cD6 arrives, might Lincoln be ready to 'double down' with a larger Continental plus one closer to the (possibly) 200" length CD4+3/ABB(?) one they just unveiled?

    I'm still stuck in the D385/E386 dichotomy: the MKS was supposed to have a more stately big brother to allow a tweener sporty version - that's why I figured on a Conti with a footprint about equal to the regular length Navigator, 206~208".

    Tho I haven't seen anything lately, CAFE-rigamarole is supposed to favor longer wlbs ("footprint")
    & thinking that could also help fit more battery inside somewhere
    a swb would still have as much engine-room for sporting pretensions;
    I'm not giving up on a GT-based 3.5T yet either
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    $65k upto $77,144 _= [BL] ... == 60,280 to 81,500
    $55k upto $72,230 _= Reserve == 53,045 to 79,500
    $50k upto $63,300 _= Select .. == 49,280 to 67,500
    $45k upto $54,000 _= Premiere == 45,990 to ??,???

    Continental ................. P > +3290 >> S > +3765 >> R > +7235 >> [BL]
    ................... loaded: .....? ..... 67500 ...... 79500 ........ 81500
    3.0T Awd+ 425hp 400tq ..... $52990?.....$56280 ..... $60045 ....... $67280
    3.0T Fwd 350hp 350tq ...... $49990?.....$53280 ..... $57045 ....... $64280
    3.7 Awd 270hp 265tq ....... $47990......$51280 ..... $55045 ....... $62280
    3.7 Fwd 270hp 265tq ........ 46915 ..... 50205 ...... 53970 ........ 61205
    ............................ - 925 ..... - 925 ...... - 925 ........ - 925

    ........................... $45990 .... $49280 ..... $53045 ....... $60280
    2.#T F/Awd 250-300hp > export only

    an LSL starting near the "$52990?" would make the 3.0T-Awd available for LESS than any CTsix

    wondering if it'd make any sense to use the
    3.5L Ti-VCT V6 = 287hp/254tq (Flex) for the Fwd version
    3.7L Ti-VCT V6 = 303hp/278tq (MKX & MKT ...thought the above #s were MKS, nope = 304hp/279tq;
    MKZ = 300hp/277tq;
    so maybe Awd gets S/3.7, Fwd gets Flex/3.5?

    I *like* this^)

    - - - - - - -

    wheels suitable for LSL?
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    in particular, this intro to an article about the

    2017 Ford Fusion Sport first drive review: Mainstream goes premium

    Kirk Bell - Sept 7, 2016

    A couple of premium automakers have tried tossing pedestrian engines in their premium cars, and the results were disastrous. Acura shoved a 150-horsepower 2.0-liter 4-cylinder in the ILX, and buyers stayed away in droves. Cadillac plopped the Malibu's 202-horsepower 2.5-liter 4-cylinder in the ATS and undercut its own mission of challenging the BMW 3-Series....
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    swiping from a Volvo V90 review that gave me an idea
    Originally Posted by 2b2 View Post
    180 from the usual concentration on the upper end, ReachHigher™, stuff

    snazzy R-Design is the least expensive modelfront wheels only
    bolder colors
    (p)leather(?) (trimmed in the R-Design with suede-ish Nubuck) sport seat...
    $0 panoramic moonroof with a power shade...
    The major gripe I have with the least expensive V90 is the lack of heated seats... ...Can you tell I’m from frigid Canada?..."
    the idea I'm stealing from ^that^ is
    Offering a *base price trim* geared for a (probably) first-time Lincoln buyer...
    ...or maybe as a GRADUATION PRESENT??

    can't get younger than that
    [ this might even recapture some Commander Cody down-low! ]
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