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No Plans for North American Fusion Wagon, Hatch

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And No Production for Thailand as Well
April 9, 2012
By: Austin Rutherford

Now with the Fusion and Mondeo merging, many had hoped that more versions of the Fusion would be offered due to the customer focuses that the Mondeo must cover in Europe. Sadly, FordInsideNews can confirm that this will not be the case.

Samantha Hoyt, the Fusionís Marketing Manager and former engineer of the vehicle, talked to FIN about the reason for this decision.

She explained that even though the Fusion/ Mondeo was developed by Ford of North America that they could not make a solid business plan for the two body styles in their birthplace.

As everyone knows these types of vehicles do not sell practically well outside of particular college towns in the country. Basically, the investment into the two models could not foster a return. In the end, the Fusion and Mondeo will have 80-percent parts sharing.

Also, we can confirm that contrary to one site that jumped the gun, the Mexican plant receiving an expansion for the Fusion and MkZ does not mean that the adding of Fusion production to Flat Rock is cancelled. In fact Ford is planning on at least one shift in the factory with the door left open for a possible second shift.

Flat Rock, as she told us, will begin production by mid to late 2013 after Mazda6 production has moved out and retooling has been completed. With the addition of Michigan production, Ford is planning on increasing export sales by large percentages to countries in Latin America and the Middle East from the plant in Mexico.

With the Focus and Fiesta adding production to Thailand for the ASEAN market, speculation has lead to the possibly of the Mondeo being built in the nation as well. However, as of this point in time, Ford has no plans to build it in this large Australian exporting market.

Ford has big expectations for the Fusion and Mondeo, but they are not as big as some of us would like. As it is the vehicle will give us the greatest amount of choices no matter where you live in the world for Ford's past efforts in the mid-size car segment.
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