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Next Ford Edge and S-Max to Receive Same CD4 Derivative Platform

Posted 05-16-2012 at 10:56 AM by

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The Next Wave Begins
May 16, 2012
By: Austin Rutherford

Now that the Fusion/Mondeo and MkZ are nearing completion. Ford is putting all efforts into the next stage of CD4 on the front burner. FIN has now learned of some interesting information of this product cadence.

As part of its ultra secretive nature, Ford has named this second wave of mid-size products simply CD4.2. This CD4 program, like CD4.1, will further combine the efforts of Ford's subsidiaries and in the process will save the company money.

According to a source connected with the program, the next Ford Edge - including MkX - and S-Max will use the same modified CD4 platform. We expect them not to share body styles however since this would compromise their current segments. All three should have their own "top hats."

This raises the question: Will the Edge be produced in Europe and/or the S-Max in North America? This is not yet known, but we will tell you either way when we find out. What we can tell you is that the current Edge was deeply wanted by Ford of Europe, but the lack of a diesel killed it. This is a problem that the next Edge will not have.

As we have already discussed, the next Ford Edge will carry on the process of the engine downsizing seen with the Fusion in that there is no current plans to offer a V6 engine in the vehicle. However, the platform will be capable of a V6 for the MkX will continue on offering a V6 like that of the 2013 Lincoln MkZ.

Ford has also started work on a CD4.3 wave. What vehicle(s) lie in store here? Little is known at this point.

Expect both the next Edge, MkX, and S-Max to debut sometime next year with sales starting in the late 2013/2014 period.
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    I wonder if the "Edge-based" (sorta) S-Max will have compact 2nd & 3rd rows something like the Grand-C-Max...and therefor not need a much lengthened wheelbase?
    aaaaaaaaaand if the slightly longer wlb could be used for a unique (roomier) 2-row MKX?
    think a 4cyl-only Edge will NECESSITATE* a new more powerful^version
    I'd go with the larger 2.3/2.5EB for the Sport (& Explorer, Flex, Taurus)
    (upto 325hp) but offer the 280hp 2.0EB for all lower Edge trims

    * think this might forecast when to expect the new engine(s)
    Posted 06-13-2012 at 11:16 PM by 2b2 2b2 is offline
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