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Posted 09-29-2016 at 10:52 PM by 2b2 Comments 12
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hard to do accurate colors = monitor dependent; so not a regular post/just to check
I don't expect the JadeGrey int to last long &
it seems dealers don't have any 'terracotta' inventory, at least by name, so
just changing what it's called to "Tuscan"...
while giving Reserve another choice (& making Black an up-scale choice instead of default)

not sure about [BL] ...thinking '''art shades'''

Posted 12-29-2015 at 03:17 AM by 2b2 Comments 7
Posted in Uncategorized
LincolnSportLine_simplified option-pkgs, priced from midhigh Select to mid-Reseve/low-[BL];
including paints selected from Any category matched with unique interior upholstery
Originally Posted by 2b2 View Post
Originally Posted by 2b2 View Post
$65k upto $77,144 _= [BL]
$55k upto $72,230 _= Reserve
$50k upto $63,300 _= Select
$45k upto $54,000 _= Premiere

in the above, LSL might be priced $55-60k, with a single ~$5-8k pkg
LSL versions would offer performance withOUT "needless" gizmos/doodads/blandishments;
but offer choices oriented towards drivers & sport that might be hard to fit into Lincoln's lineup (OR GET NOTICED) otherwise.

Interior variants RBWK are Red,Blue,White,all with black backgrounds;
and solid Black, maybe with color piping or laces.
Notorious Blue and a flame red-orange are already offered on the MKZ,
but perhaps they're also appropriate for a SportLine Continental?
...wondering if these could be 'based' more on exterior color? than interior themes like [BL]?

note: thinking RhapsodyBlue is going to an expensive option, maybe on limited trimlevels
so Fidelity would be more affordable, upcharge, and perhaps a bit darker, even 'simpler', not tri-coat;
likewise, EliteFlame would be a somewhat lower cost, $990, interpretation of ChromaFlame &or ChromaElite
Notorious, which is no charge on [BL], basically was just priced between them


Posted 07-08-2014 at 09:42 PM by Comments 4
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I stopped by the local Lincoln dealer today and they had 3 MkC's sitting out front (Silver, Black, and White), with a 4th sitting under the awning, which turns out it was being delivered as we walked up to check it out. It had the white sand/espresso interior that I wanted to see in person. While I was congratulating the new owner I was taking peeks inside and I liked the color combination (the espresso looked a lot darker in person than in photos and the white sand looked brighter).

I took a few photos and I will post those after we get back from dinner. I will also share my impressions of the vehicle after sitting in it for a decent amount of time, poking, prodding, and forming opinions the whole time. First off, I have to apologize for the quality of the photography as I didn't have my real camera with me and the overcast day really messed with the exposure on my phone.

When I first walked up to the car, it struck me how handsome it is in person. Also I noticed how much smaller it seemed in person as opposed to photographs. The vehicle has a nice presence and the flowing lines and crisp details signal that this car has something special going on. It is very distinctive and looked great just sitting there. Getting back to the size, the overall proportions gave me the impression that this vehicle is smaller than the Escape, which I know not to be true, but it shows itself as a more tightly integrated package where every inch of the car is business and very little is wasted on trying too hard to impress (which is a failing of many cars today). The design just works, and it is a clean and purposeful one that pleases the eye a razor focus on getting the details right without stumbling over itself in the process. This thing looks good! Holy crap, that picture is terrible!!!!

The interior was very nice. Soft touch materials abound with a reasonably good attention to detail. I say reasonably good because while the overall impression was one of quality and careful assembly, there were a few places that were inconsistent. By this I mean in a few places, the gaps between panels and materials, while mostly tight and clean, weren't always consistent. In most cars, these oversights would go unnoticed as there would be these gaps all over and none would look out of place, but in the MkC, a good example of the inconsistency is where the wood trim meets the dash over the glove box. 90% of the time, you couldn't get the tip of a needle in the interface of the two materials, but then a few inches down the seam would open up the slightest bit. Normally this would not be noticeable, but with the rest of the seam being darn near seamless, these types of issues with fit and finish become that much more apparent.

High quality materials surround the occupants as they sit in VERY comfortable seats. The leather is buttery soft and of a much higher quality than we found in the Navigator we sat in, or the Acuras we checked out at the next stop. Leather doesn't impress me as I am not really a fan, but my bias aside, I could tell this was nice stuff. I did notice a disconcerting amount of flex in the door panel when I applied some pressure to it. I think it could have used an attachment point to two more or greater stiffening as that gave a cheap feel to an otherwise very nice interior. The interior on the whole, physically fit me very well. The window sill was the perfect height for resting my elbow (big point of contention for me in our Explorer), the center armrest was a good size (but could have been a touch wider for the comfort of both front passengers), the steering wheel felt great, and all controls were in easy reach. I could very easily get in and out of the car (front and back) without dragging myself over the edge of the seat nor falling into it. It is the perfect height for me. I really like the push-button tranny. It is a simple thing but I really like the design. The little cubby at the bottom of the instrument stack was a good size and fit my HTC 8x and my friend's Galaxy S4 fine (though his might be a little tighter fit when plugged in). The plastic of the IP center stack is a matte finish and lightly textured which should do fine in hiding normal use and abuse. Thankfully there is nary a high gloss surface to be scratched!

Originally Posted by VinceL View Post

Posted 05-16-2014 at 12:33 AM by Comments 21
they made an EB-PIH with the 2.3EB driving just the front wheels (300hp)
the Focus Electric's 143hp (for the rear wheels) & 23kWh battery pack (est 60mile range in the MKS) that with the 6.6kWh charger can fully charge in 3.5hrs

thread link

Posted 06-13-2013 at 05:44 PM by Comments 8
Aug 9 '14 converting an old bone of contention into a near-invisible workspace for...

big Lincolns theorizing
----- ref: ----- MKS(wic)MARK blog

adaptive cruise & collision w/ brake support HD radio THX Nav
PREMIUM ________$60k
adds: dual-panel moonroof power-adj pedals w/ mem power rear sunshade rearview cam
ELITE ___________ $65k "Plethora"
adds: ?multi-contour frt seats? heated SW & rear seats park assist & BLIS lane departure / lane keep assist

>> add 4thTrim/options for Continental(s) <<
psychic-suspension (reads ahead / gps?)
ceramic brakes
active aerofX
soft-close doors and power trunklid
?electro-glass reardoorglass?
wool carpeting (+ on doors)
al cantara headliner
reclining rearseats / slumber front passenger seat (inflating bolsters?)
massaging seats
Continental $steps = $60 / $65 / $70 / $75-85k
Continental hybrid = ------- $70 / $75 / $80-90k
Continental plug-in = ------ $75 / $80 / $85-95k
Continentalv8 E-wd = ------ ------ $83 / $88-98k
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
interiors ($0-3-6-9k +co$t)
- ebony,ivory,hazelnut --------- multi-gray -------- cordovan --- blue = Continental +
- ebony ------------------------------ ivory,hazelnut --- multi-gray -------- = Continental base
--------------- hazelnut ------------- ivory ---------------- ebony ------------- = MKS(wic)MARK
paints ($0-3-6-9k +co$t)
black,white,silver,gray,red,blue --- 7, 8, 9 ------- 10,11 ------ 12,13 = Continental +
----- black,white,silver,gray --------- red,blue,7 --- 8,9 ------------------ = Continental base
----- black,silver,Guard --------------- white --------- red,blue ------------ = MKS(wic)MARK
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
[BL] ...which happens to have shown at least 6 paint colors so far (#8-13^^?)
(+Guard #7?)
[Chroma]Flame Link
"Center Stage," which features a Jet Black interior highlighted by a Foxfire Red headliner. It is supposed to evoke the feeling of being in a theater.
"Indulgence" is inspired by chocolate candy. It features special leather and the Ziricote wood trim sometimes used in high-end yachts, according to Ford.
"Modern Heritage" has a modern look with a black-and-white cabin with red highlights. When the line debuts, Lincoln says Black Label experts will help to guide a customer through the process of selecting custom materials for their cars.
dash trims:_________________
patent Leather accents with...?
Zebrano, SantosRosewood, Ziricote, CconceptBlackSilverVein, machinedAlu

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