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  1. 1964 1/2 Ford Mustang III Shorty factory prototype

    Mustang Discussion
    from the article: A 1964 1/2 Ford Mustang III "Shorty" factory prototype is set to go under the hammer March next year. Designed by Vince E. Gardner and based on a pre-production 1965 Mustang, the "Shorty" factory prototype is 406mm (16 inches) shorter than the original model and only one car...
  2. First 1,000 next-gen Mustangs to be limited edition 2014 1/2 models

    Ford Brand News - Global
    First 1,000 next-gen Mustangs to be limited edition 2014 1/2 models Mustang Daily By Drew Phillips July 18, 2013 Back in November a Ford social media representative on forums posted that Ford would produce a limited number of 2014 ½ Mustangs to celebrate the car’s 50th...
  3. Fiat has 1/2 year supply of 500s, 29 of 130 dealers didn't sell one last month

    Competition News
    Fiat USA has half-year supply of 500 models, 29 of 130 dealers didn't sell one last month By Zach Bowman Nov 21st 2011 The 2012 Fiat 500 seems to be having trouble gaining sales momentum. Automotive News reports that the Italian hatch is likely to fall well short of its admittedly...
  4. 1964 1/2 Ford Mustang Design Analysis

    Vintage Ford Discussion
    By Design: 1964 1/2 Ford Mustang From the November, 2010 issue of Automobile Magazine By Robert Cumberford "Let's revert to the slab stern and high luggage compartment, the nearly vertical rear window, the leather strap and 'chunk of road machinery' feeling." That's from a multipage document...
  5. Brazil sales for first 1/2 of May

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Brazil sales for First 1/2 of May They are not going so good for Ford, hopefully the second half will be better. Maybe the Edge and Fiesta/Verve (whatever they end up calling it down there) will help later this year.
  6. Donald Frey, designer of the '64 1/2 Mustang dies

    Ford Employee Discussion
    On the day we've reviewed two descendants of his original creation, we find out that the man who designed the Mustang, Donald Frey, passed away at 86. As with the car's decades of success, the inspiration for it was unlikely: the Chevrolet Corvair. Frey, who was assistant general manager and...
  7. Ford's Market share in 1st 1/2 of March is 19.2%!

    Ford Corporate News
    Steady quality improvements are one reason Ford has logged huge gains in market share over the last year, according to a study of march car sales by, an auto information company. During the first half of March, Ford was the leading auto seller in the United States, with 19.2% of the...
  8. Top 50 vehicles for Brazil in 1st 1/2 of Feb

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Fords are in bold... 1st VW / GOL 10,371 2 FIAT / UNO 6338 3 FIAT / PALIO 6167 4 FIAT / SIENA 5568 5 GM / CELTA 5020 6 VW / FOX / FOX CROSS 4637 7 FORD / KA 4211 8 GM / CORSA SEDAN 3513 9 FORD / FIESTA 3254 10 VW / VOYAGE 3094 11 GM / AGILE 2863 12 RENAULT / SANDERO 2628 13 GM / PRISM 2493 14...