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  1. Ads (classes of 1953, 1963 & 1973) & bridge

    The Lounge
    * Vintage ads last week Truck Tuesday, class of 1953: Dodge, Ford, GMC, Studebaker Wagon Wednesday on Family Thursday, class of 1963: Buick, Dodge, Ford, Chevrolet...
  2. Checking out a Cadillac & a 1973 Caprice Estate

    The Lounge
    * What a gold mine this 1977 classifieds section is! I would choose the 1973 Caprice Estate (& a few other vehicles) listed; how about you? My cousin took this pic of me checking out a 1969 Cadillac convertible during our day...
  3. 1973 Lincoln Mark I Concept Car

    Lincoln Discussion
    I was looking through some of the pictures of classic Lincolns on and found some old pics of a interesting Lincoln concept car from the 70's. I started surfing the web for more information about it and couldn't find anything on it. The only website that mentions the vehicle and...