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  1. 1999 RANGER XLT 4x4

    Ford Truck Discussion
    I just purchase a 1999 RANGER XLT 4x4 5 speed automatic with 104 k miles. I need a little help understanding the two (2) what I think are problems… and what to do about them. 1) When I start from a dead stop the motor will race (just a little) then the I feel the transmission engage and after...
  2. 1999 F350 7.3l diesel 5 speed with Overdrive - Clutch keeps going out

    Ford Truck Discussion
    I had a local reputable garage replace my clutch when it failed about 6 months ago. *The truck has 200000 miles on the original clutch before it went out. The head mechanic said that Ford would not allow him to order the same clutch but rather upgraded the clutch replacement to a Heavy Duty...
  3. 1999 Ford Ranger & 2006 Mazda 3

    Member's Driveway
    I bought my 99 Ranger XLT Offraod new and it's been the best purchase I ever made. I use it for work and fun, and it's never failed to get me where I need to go or do the job it's been asked to do. Only 57,000 miles in 10 years, but they've been tough miles. 3 years ago when I was in the market...
  4. My 1999 Mercury Sable LS

    Member's Driveway
    This is my car, I have had it now for 2 years now. It is still my first car, I got it from my parents and has held together quite well over the years. Issues: Power Steering nightmare when all I needed was the lines to be bled out resulted in the Ford dealer replacing the whole rack on the car...