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  1. Competition News
    Fiat increases stake in Chrysler to 25% by Noah Joseph Jan 10th 2011 Fiat is seriously commited to rebuilding Chrysler, and to that end it's increased its stake in the Michigan-based automaker by an additional five percent. The reshuffled ownership breakdown still leaves the...
  2. Ford Corporate News
    Ford do it again. Sales rise 25 %. Market share is bigger, again Fusion with new sales record, again Escape with very good numbers, again Mustang fall 32%... Camaro continue hurting the Ford pony car sales?? Taurus is the Ford rising star, MK S the black sheep Lincoln almost dead.... only the 30...
  3. Ford Corporate News
    Ford US sales up 25% in April •Ford, Lincoln and Mercury April sales totaled 162,996, up 25 percent versus year ago; retail sales were up 32 percent, and fleet sales were up 13 percent •Ford brand sales up 26 percent versus year ago, Lincoln up 22 percent and Mercury up 19 percent •Ford cars up...
  4. Ford Corporate News
    OAKVILLE, Ontario, June 1, 2007 – The Ford Edge continues to energize the crossover revolution, recognizing its fifth consecutive month of growth, and is among a strong group of trucks and crossovers that posted record setting sales, leading to a 9.4 per cent increase in sales for the Ford Motor...
  5. Chrysler Group Discussion
1-5 of 6 Results